RV Resort Policies

Please review our policies to ensure the happiness of all guests. We do not make exceptions for cancellation, late arrival, early departure or dog breeds. Please don’t put our staff in a uncomfortable position by asking for any exceptions. Thanks.

Check in time is a 1 PM – 6PM Colorado time, An early check in fee of $5.00 is available to guests that would like to check in prior to 12 noon as long as the site is available. Check in after 6 PM needs to be arranged with the office. Always stop at the front office when arriving. If no one is in the office, call 719-275-0900 upon arrival. Do not drive to your site without an escort. Arrivals after dark (30 minutes after sunset) will not be allowed in the park. This means 9pm in early summer but 8pm by Labor Day. There is a very high risk of damage to your RV, other guests RV’s or our facilities and we do not want to disturb guests. Please plan your travel accordingly. If you will arrive after dark please call our office and we will direct you to alternate parking.

Check Out – Check out time is 11AM.Depending on reservations, we may be able to allow a later check-out. However, in June and July late checkout is not possible. Plan to stay an extra night if you book an activity like rafting. Please check with us if you need a later check out. Do not stay in your site without calling the front office past 11 am. An email is not sufficient. There is a $10 fee for late checkout. Parking may be available in the front for a couple of hours if needed. If you stay in your site past 1pm without permission and we cannot contact you, your RV may be towed.

Speed – For the safety of our guests and in an effort to reduce dust the speed limit on the resort property is 5 MPH

Early Departures – Guests who depart prior to the end of their reservation will not receive a refund for the remainder of their stay.

Cancellations – (1) All reservation fees will be charged in full at the time of the reservation. (2) Customers that cancel a weekly or daily reservation prior to 7 days of arrival date will receive an account credit minus a $30.00 fee, the account credit is good until the end of the following year. For 2022 we offer a Travel Cancellation Protection Plan” which you can choose at check-out by clicking on the “View Add-Ons” button and adding the plan to your cart. There are no refunds only account credits without the plan. (3) Monthly reservations are not movable and will not receive an account credit for a cancelation at any time or for any reason. (4) Cancelations made less than 7 days prior to arrival date and No-shows are not eligible for an account credit unless you purchase the “Travel Cancellation Plan”. (5) There are no refunds for early check-out. (6) Holiday weekends are a three-night minimum stay.

Vehicles Allowed – We do not allow tent camping. If you have a van, only camper vans allowed – no mini-vans. Please book a cabin for this use

Quiet Time – Quiet time is 10PM – 8AM. The use of generators is not allowed at any time however. Please keep noise levels to a minimum so as not to disturb your neighbor. Please be respectful to your neighbors at all times.

Payment – Cash or Credit Only. Checks are not accepted.

Cabins – All cabins are non-smoking rooms. Cabins will be inspected at check out time. Any damage to the cabin or its contents will be the renter’s responsibility. Linens are not provided.

Smoking and Alcohol – All buildings are non-smoking. Please dispose of butts in the proper receptacles. Colorado drinking age applies. No excessive drinking will be permitted.

Animals – No aggressive behavior will be allowed. Excessive noise will not be allowed. No unattended animals. All animals must be on a leash at all times. Please clean up after your animals immediately. We welcome animals at no extra charge but if your animal is not picked up after and it is caught by staff a $5.00 per animal, per day will be assessed for having to clean up after your animal. No full or mixed breeds of Dobermans, Rottweiler’s or Pitbulls allowed. There is a 2 animal limit.

RV Requirements – All RVs must be owner occupied, well maintained and clean. Each unit must have a 3″ sewage sewer hookup. The sewer connection must be sealed to comply with Fremont County regulations.

RV Washing – Prohibited. Contact office regarding washing off bugs. Water is trucked up the mountain and is very expensive. $50 fine if caught washing your vehicle.

Trash – All trash shall be disposed of in the provided dumpster. The dumpster is not for oversized items or hazardous materials. No trash shall be stored on the RV site. You are expected to keep your site clean and free of all trash. All trash bags shall be closed at the top to eliminate odor. No Littering. Due to wind, weather and wildlife, trash cans are not permitted.

Clotheslines – Drying items within the boundaries of your site is allowed. The use of clotheslines is not permitted.

Games – Available 10 AM to 6 PM Basketballs, horseshoes and shuffleboard equipment will be provided free of charge to a registered guest. Failure to return the equipment in working order will result in a charge for replacement of the item or items.

Picnic Tables – Picnic tables are provided for gathering and enjoying, please do not use them as a cooking table or work bench.

Visitors – Must register in office, Please tell your visitors that they must park out front and are not to enter the park without registering. You are responsible for your guests and any damaged caused by them. Please share our resort policies with them. A guest failing to comply with the policies will lose visitor privileges and asked to leave.

Our Facilities – Our management is responsible for all common areas. All events that will be using common areas must be scheduled with the management.

Children – Parents or guardians are fully liable and responsible for the acts and conduct of their children at all times. Please educate children about RV etiquette

Laundry, Rest Rooms and Showers – We pride ourselves on providing very clean facilities. Please notify management if one of our facilities requires attention between the normal cleaning schedules.

Liability – All facilities are used at your own risk. Our equipment, apparatus and facilities are furnished solely for the convenience of our registered guests. A person using such does so at their own risk. The management will not be responsible for accidents, injuries or loss of property by fire, theft, wind, or acts of God. We do reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

The Resort management reserves the right to amend, revise and add to the RV Resort Policy at any time.

Failure to comply with these policies may result in your leaving the resort with no refund and future reservations being cancelled.